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Delphi NAV300 GPS Device

Delphi NAV300 GPS Device

Delphi announces its new GPS device today. The NAV300 is preloaded with maps of the continental U.S., Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Like many modern GPS, NAV 300 features Text-to-speech technology that announces street names and directions.

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Water-cooled HDD from NEC and Hitachi

Hitachi and NEC partnered up to make the first Water cooling system for Hard Disk Drive that is as quite as a sleeping baby at 25dB. Although the technology is targeted towards audiovisual system, NEC does plan to ship the water-cooled hard drive with its consumer desktop system.

NEC and Hitachi water-cool your HDD [via akihabaranews]

Dell XPS M1330 expected to ship this week

Dell XPS M1330 expected to ship this week

Alex Gruzen from Dell has posted an update the XPS M1330 shipping delay. The XPS M1330 has finally begun shipping to customers, however it is still in a very limited quantity at this moment.

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Wii Airplane Controller Stand from PEGA

My younger brother is an airplane junkie, he loves to collect miniature airplane models, flight simulation games, and planes specs books. If you are like him, and you have a Wii game console, you might want to get the Wii Airplane Controller Stand.

TDC OV6920 CameraChip – The world smallest single-chip CMOS camera

TDC OV6920 CameraChip – The world smallest single-chip CMOS camera

One of the most important requirements for a spy gizmo is to be undetectable. TDC shows its new product today; The OV6920 CameraChip(TM), a single-chip CMOS camera that is claimed to be the smallest kind in the world.

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The SoundBall – for a bit of noisy fun

This is the absolute perfect gift to buy for someone else's kid. Preferably if you aren't around them that often. Not that the ball is overly loud, just that it constantly is making some kind of noise.

Check out the video to hear it. The noises are clever, but would get old after a while. Really it sounds a lot like an old Atari game. It works by using Bluetooth technology. It tells the computer whether the ball is being hit, thrown or spun via a motion sensor from within. Then it in turn tells the ball what noise to make.

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Hackers modify Apple TV to allow USB drive to be used as primary storage

One of the issues that you'll find with the Apple TV, or at least the original version is that it was seriously lacking in storage space. 40GB just isn't enough to store all of your media. Fortunately, some clever hackers have managed to hack the Apple TV to allow an external USB drive to act as the primary storage drive.

The “Will Return” Clock

This clock adds a bit of fun to the classic “Will Return” sign. If you aren't paying attention, you don't really even notice it's atually a clock.

Linksys – You will be missed

[Update] It's always a sad day when a brand that we've grown to know and love meets its tragic end. This usually happens when a company is acquired by another, then after a period of transition, the name is dropped. Some names like Compaq have stuck around for some time. Linksys, however, is not so lucky.

Space Invaders jewelry for the girl gamers

This Super Invasion necklace is definitely interesting and there is no way of denying your inner gamer once you have it on either.

Nanopoint’s Celltray Answers Biological Peek-A-Boo

For years scientists have been unable to study living cells on slides, that is all changing thanks to the folks at Nanopoint. Their new Celltray is like combining a microscope slide with a life-sustaining environment.

Rumor: Possible Xbox 360 Price Drop

That’s right, the wall, er, price is finally coming down. At least it looks that way, what with a Wal-Mart and Toys `R’ Us ads both showing a $50 price cut it sure is getting mighty convincing.

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