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Nissan introduces the Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle concept car

Everyone loves a good backyard barbecue, but hates the hassle of cleaning up. Now, you can take your grilling on the road as Nissan introduces their Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle. Designed in Japan, this is the ultimate electric vehicle for a fun time with friends. This design showcases the power of electric vehicles, as this barbecue car is designed to … Continue reading

Magna Steyr MILA Plus concept sports car unveiled

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is quickly approaching, and joining the list of vehicles being shown off ahead of their official debut is the Magna Steyr MILA Plus concept sports car. This yellow racer is designed to show what the auto supplier — Magna Steyr — has to offer, and is one of several concept vehicles it has debuted in … Continue reading

Chrysler expands recall to include 467k SUVs

Yesterday Chrysler revealed plans to recall about 26,000 Chrysler 200 sedans over a fairly serious problem with their transmissions, and now it has announced plans to expand a recall from last year, adding about 467k SUVs to the number of potentially faulty vehicles. This follows a previous recall that took place in September for the same stalling problem (which has … Continue reading

Chrysler recalls 26k cars due to transmission issue

Chrysler is back with another recall this year, this one concerning its new Chrysler 200 sedans specifically. The problem is a serious one, though arguably not as serious as whatever is causing Jeeps to catch on fire: a transmission problem could cause the car to roll away after it fails to properly shift into park. The auto maker says it … Continue reading

2016 Audi R8 revealed ahead of Geneva Motor Show debut

Following a small leak earlier this week, Audi has officially introduced its new 2016 Audi R8 ahead of its planned debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. The newest model takes Audi’s already beastly R8 to the next level, retaining largely the same design (though there are, of course, some changes) as the current version while trimming down its weight, … Continue reading

First Drives and Reviews

2016 Acura ILX first-drive – Luxury chasing loyalty

There’s an odd dance to be followed when, as Acura is with the 2016 ILX, you’re launching a revamped version of an existing car. On the one hand, you want to highlight just how improved it is over its predecessor; on the other, you can’t be too critical, because then drivers start asking why you were so enthusiastic – and … Continue reading

Driving Toyota i-ROAD: Crazy tilt meets genius strategy

Who says electric cars have to be boring? Toyota’s Prius may be poster child for the eco-pious, but its i-ROAD tilting trike shows there’s still potential for madness in the EV. SlashGear is no stranger to the i-ROAD, and in fact we’ve driven earlier prototypes over in Japan before now. They’re less commonly found in the US, however, but Makoto … Continue reading

2016 Audi S6 and A6 first-drive – Autobahn blitz

There are some interesting options when you’re in the market for a big sedan from the mid-$40s upwards, but the 2016 Audi A6 and S6 are hoping to make their case that they’re all the car you need. Overshadowed in recent years by the stunning A7/S7, Audi’s handsome sedan is making a renewed play for 2015 with updates across the … Continue reading

2015 Chrysler 300 first-drive – HEMI Hero

Brash, bold, and anything but banal: when it comes to “American Luxury”, the Chrysler 300 epitomizes it perhaps better than anything else. Finding favor over the past decade among rappers and suburbanites alike, its combination of Baby-Bentley styling, meaty engine options, and relatively affordable luxe mean the 300 has set out a clear stall of Chrysler’s approach to the full-size … Continue reading

2016 Toyota Mirai First-Drive – Fuel-Cells Dawning

You can’t accuse Toyota of rushing the 2016 Toyota Mirai to market. The hydrogen powered sedan may look like a vision of the future circa Buck Rogers, but its fuel-cell powertrain is decidedly cutting-edge, not to mention determinedly optimistic around issues of infrastructure and regulatory commitment to zero-emission vehicles. At $57,500 pre-subsidies, it seems the future carries a significant cost … Continue reading

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