Cambrionix B2 32 port USB charger outed; charge-&-sync models in pipeline

Jul 16, 2010

You don't have to be a gadget reviewer to end up with more than a handful of devices that all require USB charging, and finding ways to rejuice them simultaneously often means laborious AC plug juggling.  We've seen Cambrionix's port-bristling USB charging stations before, and now the company is back with a more compact setup that promises fully power protected charging for up to 32 devices simultaneously.

The Cambrionix Series B2 32 Port USB Charging Station is in fact just the first of the company's plans; it's intended for iPhone and iPod touch style electronics, but in the pipeline is a 400W version.  That will be able to simultaneously charge 32 iPads, something the company reckons will be of interest in classrooms outfitting students with Apple's tablet.

After that, there's a version of each that will allow for simultaneous charging and synchronizing with a connected USB PC, and that will spawn a much smaller, four-port model - the C2 Series - better suited to home users.  The Series B2 32 Port USB Charging Station is £299 ($460).

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