Blackberry Pearl 8100 videos and pictures

Vincent Nguyen - Aug 22, 2006
Blackberry Pearl 8100 videos and pictures

Believe it or not, but the Boy Genius has come through for the rest of the world by providing four videos of the Blackberry Pearl 8100, along with more pictures. The videos are courtesy of Engadget Mobile; you can either download them from their site then watch them. The second option is to watch ALL the Pearl 8100 videos live after the jump.

The Blackberry Pearl will be wildly popular thanks to its super thin and sexy design. There’s a new and easy-to-navigate intuitive trackball navigation system, integrated digital camera with built-in flash and zoom, ultra-bright next generation 240 x 260 color display, media player, a microSD expansion slot, and best of all its support for T-Mobile’s almost high-speed EDGE network. It’s still a rumor that the Blackberry Pearl 8100 will be available through T-Mobile network for $199. It’s about time that T-Mobile get a leg up on Cingular and Verizon!

Blackberry Pearl 8100 Video - Bluetooth

[flv]">Blackberry Pearl 8100 Video - Bluetooth
Blackberry Pearl 8100 Video - Browsing

[flv]">Blackberry Pearl 8100 Video - Browsing
Blackberry Pearl 8100 Video - Setup

[flv]">Blackberry Pearl 8100 Video - Setup
Blackberry Pearl 8100 Video - Voice recognition

[flv]">Blackberry Pearl 8100 Video - Voice recognition
The Boy Genius Report: BlackBerry Pearl 8100 pics and videos! [via Engadget Mobile]

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