BlackBerry messaging returns to Saudi Arabia after mysterious agreement made

Aug 6, 2010

Having seen the BlackBerry messaging service shut down earlier today, RIM has seemingly come to an agreement with the Saudi Arabian government that will allow the system to continue running.  While the messaging system is active once more, according to the BBC, the nature of the agreement Canadian company RIM has made with the government - or, indeed, what concessions to data security have been given - is still unknown.

"Services are up and running again across the country, but inevitably, that raises more questions than it answers. If RIM did grant Saudi Arabia access to its security codes, other countries in the region will now expect the same" says the BBC's Ben Thompson from Dubai.  RIM publicly stated earlier in the week that they would not be opening a "back door" to third parties, a move which the company believes would erode their iron-clad reputation among enterprise users.

[Thanks Paul!]

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