Ballistic HC case for Verizon iPhone 4 breaks cover

Feb 8, 2011

Ballistic has announced that it has the new iPhone 4 on Verizon covered with one of the most protective cases on the market for the iPhone called the Ballistic HC. The case has been around since last summer for the AT&T iPhone 4 and offers four layers of protection.

The HC has rubber inside the inner case to protect the iPhone from scratches and to pad the smartphone to prevent damage in the event the device is dropped. The inner case is made from a hard plastic material and has an integrated screen protector to keep scratches away.

The outer layer is a rubber case that goes over the top of the hard plastic inner case for more protection. The HC adds a lot of bulk to the case and makes it very hard to fit into a pocket so it ships with a holster for your belt as well. You can get the case now for $49.99.

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