AVG PrivacyFix for Android app stops WiFi location tracking with new feature

Dec 10, 2013

AVG is a company that has been making free and paid antivirus software for a number of years. The company also makes smartphone apps that are designed to make mobile users more secure. AVG has announced a new update is available for its Android application called AVG PrivacyFix for Android.

PrivacyFix for Android is designed to allow users to adjust smartphone settings giving the ability to block WiFi access when they are mobile with their smartphone. With this setting when users are roaming their smartphone won't try and connect to unknown WiFi networks, when the user returns home, or to another location with a trusted network, WiFi connectivity works without any interference from the user.

By blocking access to unknown and untrusted WiFi networks, the app prevents the smartphone from sharing its MAC address. Blocking the MAC address foils any tracking systems that retailers might have in place that don't require the user to use in store WiFi.

The app is also designed to do other things like inform you when you are going to share Facebook data with apps that don’t provide privacy assurances. The app will also warn you when the Facebook profiles of friends or loved ones might be exposed. The app also has a complete privacy dashboard available from multiple devices.

SOURCE: PrivacyFix

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