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Cory Gunther is currently an associate editor for SlashGear and senior editor for Android Community. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, he's responsible for all things Android on both sites, and never leaves the house without a few smartphones and a tablet. You can follow him on Twitter, or keep up with him on Google+

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix unboxing and first impressions

This week we're taking a look at the latest and greatest from Lenovo in the Ultrabook and convertible space for Windows 8 computing. Their new and fancy ThinkPad Helix was shown off plenty at CES, but today we're giving it another peek in its final shipping form. Keyboard dock and all. The Helix is a full Windows 8 machine classified as an Ultrabook, that doubles as a powerful Win 8 tablet so read on for our thoughts.

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PlayStation 4 supports used games

Well, Sony just nailed this one on the head. After Microsoft announced the all new Xbox One there has been countless complaints and discussion about the entire ecosystem. Talk of used games not being supported, always-on connections, and people getting their tinfoil hats and more. Sony just cleared up any possible doubt with the PS4. Yes, Yes the Playstation 4 will support used games. No matter what.

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Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 revealed for PS4

Today Sony is up on stage announcing all types of new and impressive titles for their upcoming PS4, and the Playstation 3. We've already seen plenty from their initial unveil in February, but today we're getting a closer look at games from all developers, including Indie titles, as well as the actual PS4 hardware. Then they shared a quick look at two titles we're sure many will be extremely exited to play.

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Apple brings automatic updates and location-aware apps to iOS 7

The folks from Apple just handcrafted and delivered not only an entirely new look for their mobile OS, but also an array of new features in iOS 7. From Siri getting a huge overhaul (and a manly voice if you'd like) to an auto-sorting Photo gallery and more. One major aspect is apps, considering nearly 50 billion apps have been downloaded to date on iOS. Read on to see what's new with your App Store.

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iOS 7 “liveliness” wallpapers move with you

Apple has just unveiled what we all knew was coming, and that is iOS 7. It has been talked about for months, but this will signify the first major overhaul for iOS, and it looks beautiful. Apple's only just begun sharing the details, but out of the gate the new unlock screen and "liveliness" of the OS as a whole is just gorgeous.

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Apple announces iCloud for iWork

We know iCloud is huge, with millions and millions of users syncing their iPhones, sending messages in iMessage and more, all powered by iCloud. However, today Apple is taking a moment to talk about iCloud for developers. Specifically, Apple is bringing iCloud to iWork. Now you can start off where you left off, no matter what, or where you are.

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iCloud Keychain unifies sign-in security

Apple really isn't wasting any time today with their WWDC Keynote and are talking about numbers, the new Mac OS X Mavericks, App Store download numbers and Safari. Just to name a few. One important and awesome new feature is the iCloud Keychain. Apple's way of unifying and improving the sign-in process across all devices, while remaining secure.

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Apple OS X Mavericks gets official

Apple has a long and rich history with their popular Desktop OS. OS X has been a staple in the computing world for a long, long time. Today they've just announced Sea Lion? All jokes aside, since they've ran out of Big Cat names to follow up Mountain Lion, Leopard and more, they've moved on to a California naming theme. Starting with the sea and surfing mavericks right in their backyard.

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Apple retail stores serve 1 million customers daily, 407 locations worldwide

It's officially Apple day starting right now. Kicking off the WWDC keynote this morning Tim Cook is already off to a good start by talking numbers, and surely more will be coming. While we're expecting tons of exciting news and updates on iPhone 5 sales, lets talk retail stores. Tim confirmed they now have over 407 retail stores across 14 countries, and they serve million of users daily.

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