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Cory Gunther is currently an associate editor for SlashGear and senior editor for Android Community. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, he's responsible for all things Android on both sites, and never leaves the house without a few smartphones and a tablet. You can follow him on Twitter, or keep up with him on Google+

Apple iOS 6 released

Good news folks! Apple has just opened the flood gates and released the official version of iOS 6 today for the world. You diehard Apple fans have probably been running iOS 6 from the beta, or GM release a few weeks ago, but today the final version is rolling out and available right this minute for all those iDevices.

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iPad Mini leaks: Launch imminent?

Now that all the hype and leaks of the iPhone 5 have calmed down it's time to focus on the iPad Mini. Between all the accurate leaks of the iPhone 5, as well as the increasingly large amount of photos and details about the 7.8-inch iPad Mini we are feeling pretty good about the image below. What is it? Purportedly the first image of a fully functioning iPad Mini.

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LG Optimus G QSlide picture-in-picture hands-on

LG's next generation smartphone was unveiled today, and while we've been enjoying the features and brilliant 4.7-ich IPS+ display on their new Optimus G smartphone the various new features they added were worth a quick mention. One in particular is LG's new picture-in-picture mode dubbed "QSlide" which essentially shows two screens simultaneously.

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