AT&T Will Carry HTC Facebook Phones And More Android Phones Later This Year

Feb 15, 2011

It seems like with the end of iPhone exclusivity, AT&T is really broadening its smartphone offerings. The carrier just announced that they will be carrying HTC's Facebook phones later this year and will be adding at least twelve Android devices to their line up.

It's uncertain if the so called Facebook phones---Facebook integrated phones---will be exactly the same as the HTC ChaCha and Salsa that were shown today at MWC, but they will definitely have the same integrated social features. The most notable social feature introduced today by HTC was the single Facebook button that lights up when viewing something on screen that can be shared online.

“In the U.S., AT&T and HTC are exclusively bringing this unique user experience to the market later this year,” said an AT&T representative. However, specific details of the device are not yet available.

As for the dozen of so Android devices, AT&T expects to pick up phones from Samsung, HTC, and Motorola. “It goes without saying this is part of our commitment to have the industry’s best Android portfolio this year,” the AT&T spokesman said.

[Via All Things Digital]

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