AT&T unveils new unlimited calling plans

Jan 18, 2010

Last week Verizon announced new and updated unlimited calling plans for individual users and families. AT&T didn’t want to be outdone and unveiled its own new unlimited plans.

AT&T will start offering its new plans today and they can be ordered at any company owned wireless store and online. Feature phone users can get unlimited talk for $69.99 and Family Talk plans start at $119.99. Unlimited texting still adds $20 to the cost of the plan.

Quick messaging device users can get unlimited talk and text for $89.99 with family plans for $149.99. Smartphone users, including iPhone customers can get unlimited voice and data for $99.99 with family users with two lines at $179.99. Unlimited text for individuals stays at $20 monthly for all users and $30 monthly for Family Talk plans.

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