Apple Special Event on September 1st, We’ll Be There Live

Aug 25, 2010

It's probably not surprising at all, really. Just today, we brought you the rumor that Apple would be holding some kind of event, primarily focused on their iPod Touch, and perhaps even on Apple's upcoming revamp of AppleTV (iTV), on September 7th. That didn't last long at all, really, because Apple has just gone on their rounds and sent out the standard, yet provocative email inviting us to their brand new special event coming next week.

The event kicks off on September 1st, which is a Wednesday. And, as usual, we'll be there, bringing you SlashGear's legendary liveblog to your pupils. Oh, and what's better? We can't quite confirm this, but we're pretty sure that Steve Jobs spoke with someone "high up" personally, because September 1st also happens to be our very own Vincent Nguyen's birthday. Suffice it to say, we're pretty sure he won't need anything else for his birthday.

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