Apple may unleash late-2011 MacBook Pro refresh

Sep 13, 2011

Apple may be releasing one more refresh on its MacBook Pro laptops before the end of this year and in time for the holidays. This late-2011 MacBook Pro update is believed to deliver only minor speed boosts with stepped-up Intel Core processors. The exterior and other hardware is expected to remain the same.

According to AppleInsider, a source familiar with Apple's future product plans says that the update can be expected as soon as the end of this month. It's believed to launch sometime following Apple's Back-to-School promotion, which will wrap up on September 20. This news comes just a week after it was leaked that Intel will be releasing some mid-cycle Sandy Bridge processor updates.

This may be a minor update, but if you're in the market to pick up a MacBook Pro, it's good to know that you might wait just a few more weeks to take advantage of the slight spec boost. But then again, in a few short months you'll be craving for the new MacBook Pros boasting Intel's next-gen Ivy Bridge chips set to launch sometime in 2012.

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