Apple iOS usage share 4.9x that of Android claim researchers

Oct 4, 2010

We did warn you that the last batch of Android/Apple stats - which suggested the open-source OS' appeal was growing as that of the iPhone waned - would likely spark off another argument, and now it's user-share that's being contested.  Net Applications has been measuring usage share of the two platforms, and concludes that while Android is growing rapidly, it's still dwarfed by iOS' 4.9x usage.

Their figures are based on browser use, and show that Android use rose from 0.03-percent in November 2009 to 0.24-percent in September 2010.  However, in the same period iOS went from 0.43-percent to 1.18-percent.  Symbian slots in-between, with 0.30-percent, while BlackBerry OS lags behind Android with 0.10-percent.

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