Apple 2014 Supplier Responsibility report notes a crackdown on the use of conflict minerals

Feb 13, 2014

Apple has published its 2014 Supplier Responsibility report. This year's publication marks the eight version of this report that Apple has published. The annual report covers a range of human and environmental issues that Apple is tracking with its suppliers.

Apple noted that its suppliers have a 95% compliance rate with the maximum 60-hour work week. In the last report Apple, issued compliance with that work week rule was 92%. This year's report noted that Apple is cracking down on the use of so-called conflict minerals by keeping a closer eye on where its suppliers get the minerals used in Apple products.

Apple is watching the conflict minerals requirement and wants suppliers to keep away from using minerals sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo because the funds raised in sales of the minerals go to support fighting in the region. Apple says that in 2014 it had confirmed that all the tantalum smelters in its supply chain were conflict-free certified by third parties.

Apple will be using the annual report to highline smelters of minerals that are not compliant with the ethical sourcing guidelines it has set. The status of 104 smelters is currently unknown while 59 are compliant and 23 are part of the Conflict-Free Smelter Program.

SOURCE: AppleInsider

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