Angry Birds GO! released with whole new way to race

Dec 11, 2013
Angry Birds GO! released with whole new way to race

The developers at Rovio have revealed their next big play for the mobile gaming universe with a customizable racing game by the name of Angry Birds GO! This game works with some of the same premises as he previous games they've released - customizability from Bad Piggies, catapulting birds from Angry Birds - and twists the whole universe into a carting adventure.

This release is capitalizing on the serious lack of heavy-duty cart racing games in the Android and iOS universe, making a whole new category while they do so. Unlike games like Mario Kart, on the other hand, you're not blasting forth with go-karts. Instead you're working with what's much more like a real DIY kart, that being one without an engine (at least at first).


Like a real car race, you're not working with self-made propulsion here, you're relying on real downhill action. Once you've done your original launch, gravity will be pulling you down the hill. There are power-ups along the way, but you'll be getting used to a whole new way to race in a very short amount of time.


This game also works with a new collection of Telepods available in real-deal physical toy form. One example is a new Jenga set that works with Angry Birds GO! toys, another being individual Telepods released later this year - and through 2014, of course.


Have a peek a our view hands-on screenshots here and by all means, allow yourself to skip the rest of the work or school day and play!

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