Android grabbed over 50% of US smartphone sales in Q4 reports Kantar

Jan 28, 2014

Some new numbers are in that look at the smartphone market in Q4 2013. These numbers are from research firm Kantar and they show that Android had over half of the smartphone market during the quarter in the US. While Android grew, its major competition the iPhone declined.

Kantar reports that the iPhone market share for Q4 2013 dropped to 43.9% from nearly 50% the same quarter of the previous year. Android gained in the US bringing its share of the smartphone market to 50.6%.

That growth for Android is up significantly for the 46.2% of the market it held in Q4 2012. Kantar doesn't offer details on how many smartphones shipped in Q4, but the company says Apple sold more iPhones than the same time last year despite the share decline.

Kantar also notes that the US isn't the strongest market for the iPhone anymore. Japan now has that distinction with the iPhone making up 68.7% of smartphone sales in Japan in Q4. The iPhone market share in Great Britain was 29.9% and the Apple smartphone had 19% of the market in China. Windows Phone also grew its market share during the quarter growing from 2.4% in Q4 2012 to 4.3% in Q4 2013.

SOURCE: Computer World

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