AMD to officially announce Brazos netbook and tablet platform at CES 2011

Dec 30, 2010

AMD will be showing off some really cool gear and platforms at CES 2011 next month. Among the things, that AMD will be officially announcing will be the Brazos platform for netbooks and tablet computers. The platform is AMDs next-gen offering that is a combination of the Ontario APU and the Hudson chipset.

Along with the Brazos platform that we mentioned in October when a few benchmarks surfaced, AMD will also be showing off other gear reports DigiTimes. That other gear will include the platform known as Deccan that uses the AMD Krishna APU and the Yuba chipset. DigiTimes cites sources in the PC industry with the tip on the Deccan platform for CES.

DigiTimes sources also claim that MSI has already ordered the Brazos platform and Acer will use the platform for tablets too. I can remember back a few years ago when AMD was at CES and they told me they had no interest in the netbook market. This was when things were first really taking off for netbooks and the Atom processors. I thought then AMD would end up in the market and might regret not getting in sooner and here we come a few years later with netbook platforms from AMD.

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