AMD Radeon HD 6950 can be turned into HD 6970 with BIOS mod

Dec 27, 2010

I would bet there are several gamers out there who got a new HD 6950 video card for Christmas. If you are an owner of the new video card from AMD that debuted along with the HD 6970 back on December 15, we have a cool new mod for you to try out.

According to the geeks at TechPowerUp you can take that cheaper HD 6950 and turn the thing into the HD 6970 with a bit of modding. The reason a mod can turn the slower device into the faster one is that the GPUs are exactly the same with the 6950 simply having features locked.

The reason the locked shaders on the 6950 can be unlocked so easily is that they are turned off in BIOS rather than having fuses on the board that lock the shaders. The full instructions are on the source site link above. You can also download the files you need for the unlock process directly from the source as well.

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