AMD Llano Fusion APU launch delayed to H2 2011 over poor production rates?

Nov 9, 2010

AMD's Llano Fusion APUs may promise to revolutionise HD video and graphics, but it seems the company has to finesse their production first. According to DigiTimes' sources at motherboard manufacturers, lower than expected yield rates for 32nm chips at Globalfoundries has led to a delay in Llano's launch, with AMD concerned that large chunks of its early batches could be defective. As a result, there's talk that the original launch in the first half of 2011 has been pushed back until early in the second half of the year, with mass production not tipped until August or September 2011.

The delay - which AMD is declining to comment on - will affect the Sabine platform for ultra-thin notebooks, mid- to high-range notebooks and desktop PCs, which will use the 32nm Fusion APUs. However AMD's other Fusion-based line, Brazos, uses 40nm APUs and so is on track for a CES 2011 showcase. AMD demonstrated Llano back in late October, and said it had already begun sampling.

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