Acer Hornet Ion-nettop launching April 8th?

Apr 1, 2009

Hot on the heels of the Acer Hornet leak earlier comes word from industry sources that the company plans to launch the NVIDIA Ion-based nettop in Beijing on April 8th.  Previously the compact PC - which uses an Intel Atom 230 processor paired with NVIDIA's high-definition capable graphics chipset - was estimated to launch at some point in Q2 2009.

The nettop is expected to be priced at under $299, and come in three configurations.  The top spec model will have media center functionality, 160GB storage and 2GB of RAM, together with a Wiimote-style motion-sensing remote.  A mid-tier model will lack the wireless peripherals and have optional WiFi, while an entry-level model - believed to be priced around at $149 - will have either 80GB or 160GB of storage, 1GB of RAM and lack the instant-on OS of its more expensive siblings.

As for NVIDIA's Ion platform, rumor has it that the company is planning to announced the second-generation - Ion 2 - in Q4 2009.  The first devices to use Ion are yet to launch.

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