ZeroTech Rollcap 4K action camera inbound with integrated gimbal

There's a new action camera heading to the market, one with integrated stabilization to keep your action videos stabilized. ZeroTech's Rollcap camera will have a built-in 3-axis gimbal able to pan plus/minus 40-degree, tilt up to 30-degree, and with a roll range of 85-degrees. That aside, the camera will also offer some high-end features, such as the ability to record Ultra HD 4K footage.

As with other action cameras, Rollcap will be capable of handling your outdoor adventures and suitable for handheld video recording. Unlike most action cameras, though, it'll offer stabilized footage via hardware stabilization, whereas most competing models only so go far as to add digital stabilization (such as Sony's Action Cam).

According to ZeroTech, its camera will offer multiple shooting modes, such as HDR footage, slow-motion recording, a Burst Mode, and Time Lapse. In addition to shooting Ultra HD videos, the camera will also be able to snap 13-megapixel photographs.

Update June 16, 2017 | SLASHGEAR received a prototype to review! Watch the first video shot with the ROLLCAP

Other Rollcap features including one-button operation to start recording, support for a tripod or monopod (or other suitable handle accessories), and on-the-go editing to add special effects, among other things. Finally, the action camera features a 94-degree lens for reasonably wide-angle shots.

Assuming all goes as planned, ZeroTech anticipates launching the Rollcap 4K camera later on in 2017 for a price between $500 USD and $600 USD.