ZeroHouse offers up very "Green" house

Sure, its just a concept, meaning its just on paper, but it sounds fairly plausible. It uses LED lighting, has a giant solar panel on top, and utilizes gravity pumps in place of electrical ones.

I am sure there are a lot more green features inside, but those are all the major ones. The gravity pumps will push 2700 gallons of water all over the place, and the LEDs will last 100k hours before needing replaced.

Obviously the solar panel on top is there to act as a roof while also collecting electricity to power the lights, and other necessary electrical devices. The picture of the home doesn't look bad either, I mean, I am not enough of a environmentalist to pay more for this house, but if it were the same price as a comparably sized normal house, and all it lacked were a few less creature comforts, then I'd get it.

ZeroHouse concept: totally self-sufficient for a cleaner environment [via crunchgear]