Zeiss’s cinemizer is mobile eyewear for Ipod and Nokia N

Daniel Lim - Sep 26, 2008, 11:58am CDT

The German Optics Specialist has spoken- To the crowd of Nokia N users, wears das Cinemizer if you want to watch realistic cinema quality movies and television. The Zeiss’s Cinemizer is a portable home cinema goggles weights at a mere quarter of a pound, and can simulate 39-inch of display with viewing distance twice the screen size from compatible mobile phones.

The futuristic goggles draws the power from mobile phone or its own rechargeable battery lasts up to four hour of playing time. It’s compatible with Nokia N96, N95 and Iphone. It has an ear-slider, an adjustable earphones and comes with interchange nose pad to fit different head shape. The Ipod model has matching holder to fit models from Classic, Nano to ITouch releases in the last 12 months. Pricing and availability are not disclosed but it’s currently on display at Photokina.

Video shows an Ipod model Cinemizer in demo and I don’t think you need to understand German to get the instruction and information out of the video.

[flv width=”320″ height=”240″]http://download.zeiss.de/mobile_video/cinemizer/zeiss_cinemizer_2d_video5_ger_320x240.flv[/flv]

[via dcviews]

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