zBoost YX300 zP zPersonal Repeater for cell signals

Sick of dead spots for cellular reception in your own house, dorm, or apartment? Well, RepeaterStore has your back with this zBoost YX300 made for more personally use.

There are of course more industrial versions for other applications, but this smaller, less obvious unit should do the trick in your house. Basically it does its magic and improves GSM and CDMA cell signals inside the area where you put it.

There are several reasons why you might have horrid cellular reception in your home, and you could go through your house and figure out what they are and fix each of them, or you could just buy one of these, mount the box inside, stick the antenna to a window, and then run the antenna cable between the two locations and call it done. Its $169 and works with everything except Nextel, so enjoy.

zBoost YX300 zP zPersonal Repeater Kit: Bad cell reception be gone [via crunchgear]