YouTube for iOS updates with live streaming support

It seems like Google has been spending a lot of time on its YouTube app for iOS. Of course, this isn't too surprising, as the search giant was more or less forced to release their own when Apple dropped it from iOS 6. This time around, the app comes with the ability to access live streams right from the iOS app, letting you tune into live events while on the go.

The updated app actually includes several new features, with live streaming being the headliner, while the others are merely minor changes. Aside from the live streaming, there's a new My Subscriptions feed, which gives you quick access to new uploads, as well as support for video queuing for TV playback.

The most-interesting feature by far though is the live streaming abilities, which comes at a bad time actually, considering that YouTube just live streamed the Coachella Music Festival all weekend long, and we're sure that some YouTube users wished they could have joined in on their mobile devices while away from the house.

Either way, live streaming is, so head on over the iTunes App Store to download the app, or simply just head to Updates to get the latest version. We have to say that Apple dropping YouTube from iOS as a default app has turned out to be quite a blessing, as Google now has the opportunity to add a slew of cool features on their own time.