Yamaha Japan about to roll out more electric bikes

The past few months have really seen a lot of new ways to help the world go green if only to save money at the pumps. One way that people are making the attempt is by walking or riding a bike to work. Not all of us are in the best shape to ride a bike to work, especially if you live in a place with several hills such as San Francisco.

Electric bikes have made their way into our lives and they really seem to be taking off. Now I have only seen one in person, but it seemed like an even effortless way to get some basic exercise. These bikes are especially popular in Japan where Yamaha has announced the release of 3 new models.

Yamaha already offers a number of electric bikes in Japan. They just announced the PAS Lithium S, the PAS CITY-S and the PAS CITY-F, all of which will all be released on February 5th. There are little differences between the bikes such as size, color and weight. All three of the new bikes are priced at $1,200 and will include the lithium-ion battery. You can ride an estimated 39km when riding in standard mode, 21km in power mode and 67 km in auto-eco plus mode on a single charge.