Xbox One keyboard, mouse support confirmed, Razer peripherals coming

JC Torres - Sep 25, 2018, 7:30pm CDT
Xbox One keyboard, mouse support confirmed, Razer peripherals coming

It’s really been a long time coming and Xbox users are probably more surprised that it is taking Microsoft this long to roll out this feature. In fact, keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One isn’t even rolling out yet except for a very select few Xbox Insiders. Microsoft may just be trying to do the implementation correctly and, perhaps more importantly, assure console gamers that it isn’t the end of the world yet.

The addition of keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox might be a bit divisive. With consoles starting to resemble PCs more closely and games being available on both platforms, those loyal to the box might feel the controller is their last bastion. There might even be some that see this as an omen of Microsoft mashing its two gaming platforms together.

Not so, assures the company. Mouse and keyboard support is purely optional and on a title-by-title basis. It leaves developers free to adopt it or ignore it. It will simply provide the facilities to make it easier for both developers and gamers should they wish to do so. One of the first to test those waters will be Warframe, which some might argue is indeed easier to play with keyboard and mouse.

The addition of new input support is, of course, also an opportunity for more accessories and, therefore, more profits. Microsoft is, therefore, also announcing a partnership with famed gaming accessory maker Razer for “best-in-class” hardware. No further details were disclosed but the curious can mark November 10 on their calendars for an Inside Xbox announcement.

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