Xbox One gameplay tour shows console's interface in action

As the Xbox One's launch date closes in, Microsoft has been dropping teasers and snippets of its various console-related offerings, not the least of which is a gameplay tour video it has posted today. With the video, gamers are given their first look at the Xbox One's interface, which is very similar to Windows 8 and its various tiles.

The video quickly takes gamers through several aspects of the Xbox One's interface, including the dashboard and its decidedly Windows 8-themed designed, complete with tiles and side scrolling. From the dashboard, one can see a variety of pertinent details, such as a tile for friends, Skype, Internet Explorer, "What's New", messages, one's own information, and more.

The video tour also tosses Kinect into the mix in such a way that we see how it works in conjunction with the interface, namely with the gamer being able to rattle off a variety of voice commands to achieve certain effects. In the video, we see voice commands for recording, sharing, and more all in action, with relevant tiles and functions taking place on camera.

All things considered, the system looks very fast and smooth, with the gamer toggling between apps and activities quickly. Check out the video for yourself, then let us know what you think. Too Windows 8-centric for your tastes, or about on par with what you were expecting? The Xbox One will hit shelves on November 22, giving just enough time to grab it before the year-end holidays.