Xbox Laptop 360 case mod - Incredible!

So you love your Xbox 360, but you'd prefer it to be more portable.  Let's hope you've got a friend like Ben Heckendorn – widely renowned as modder-extraordinaire – because he's the man who made this awesome 360 laptop.

Complete with all the original functionality, 17 inch HD-compatible LCD display and built in keyboard and wifi, plus water-cooling to allow a relatively trim 2.8" depth, it's definitely a labour of love.

Trot over to his build log to see how he did it; don't forget the photo gallery on page 5!

  • Uses a 17" wide (diagonal) 1280x720 progressive-scan LCD VGA monitor (for HD-level resolutions) Thus you can actually read the text in Dead Rising.
  • Water-cooled with custom-built radiator. Allows for a slimmer main body versus the mammoth heat sinks in a stock 360.
  • Built-in keyboard and Wi-Fi.
  • USB hub allows original number of 3 USB ports for user.
  • All-aluminum case, except for plastic keyboard / ring of light / screen control area.
  • Uses single customized "expanded" power supply brick for both screen and Xbox 360.
  • Breakout ports on back allow hookup to component TV, VGA monitor, sound system (analog or TOSlink) and even crummy composite video.
  • Size: 16.75" x 10.75" x 2.8" Weight: 14 pounds (with water loaded)
  • Xbox Laptop 360 build log [via MAKE:]