Xbox doesn't infringe Motorola patent says judge

A US International Trade Commission Judge has sided with Microsoft in what has been a long legal battle over whether the company infringed on Motorola patents. This concerns the last of what was several patents that were originally claimed, four of which were found back in April to be infringing. After the ruling, the Commission stated that it had to be revisted, and soon after they were dropped.

The last remaining patent in play concerns how accessories communicate with the gaming console. Judge David Shaw has ruled that this doesn't infringe Motorola's patent, but that doesn't bring the matter to an end. Google can – and will – have the Commission review the findings, with his ruling being subjected to a six-person examination. Google said that it is "disappointed with today's determination."

Obviously Microsoft didn't feel the same way, with the company's Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel David Howard saying, "We are pleased with the Administrative Law Judge's finding that Microsoft did not violate Motorola's patent and are confident that this determination will be affirmed by the Commission."

The lawsuit goes way back to 2010, and was filed by Motorola before Google nabbed it up. Motorola was accused of trying to unfairly affect its competition using patents. The company ended up dropping two of the original patents involved, and dropping another two after settling the matter with the FTC. According to Bloomberg, Google is going to seek an import ban against Microsoft's device.

[via Bloomberg]