Xbox 360 replacement in 2015 hints IEB designer

Microsoft could be looking to a 2015 replacement date for the Xbox 360, according to the personal portfolio of a designer working with the company. Ben Peterson was brought on in March 2011 to working with the IEB (Interactive Entertainment Business) Design group on "investigating future user experiences and hardware for 2015."

The somewhat abstract photo could well be a teaser of some of Paterson's designs, or accessories intended to work with the console. Microsoft is yet to confirm the replacement cycle for the Xbox 360, but by 2015 the core hardware will be almost 10 years old.

Of course, we're expecting whatever hardware replaces the 360 – and we don't expect it to be called the Xbox 720 – to be more powerful and probably throw in DirectX 11 support as well. Whether Microsoft look to 3D gaming will remain to be seen, however.

[via ZDNet]