WWDC 2008 - Steve talks about iPhone Enterprise

As you all know, we've got our very own Vincent on the inside at the 2008 WWDC show over in California. He's one of 52,000 people in attendance today. Apparently Apple sold out the event rather quickly, and hasn't been able to find anywhere larger to host the show. Perhaps it's time for Apple to just build their own massive stadium.

Steve's first thing to talk about is the iPhone. Apparently there have been over 250,000 people download the SDK, with over 4,000 people in the beta program. Those are really some impressive numbers.

Currently they are talking about the iPhone in three major areas; Enterprise, SDK and new features for the end user. First up is Enterprise. 35% of the Fortune 500 companies are testing the new enterprise features for the iPhone. They're also working with Cisco on VPN and security, as well as higher-education establishments to see how it can be incorporated in that environment. According to Steve, the feedback has been "fantastic." One of the newer features includes filtering contact searches as you type, which will be very handy.