World’s First Water-Proof and Dust-Resistant SLR Camera

Rue Liu - Nov 21, 2006

This awfully gaudy contraption of a camera, called the Asahi Pentax LX Gold, is reportedly the world’s first water-proof and dust-resistant SLR camera made by Pentax. We’ll have to excuse its appearance as it is a 60th anniversary model for the company and probably more a collectors item than something we’d all be rushing out for this holiday season. Whether there is any actual gold or if it is even a DSLR is unclear. According to the folks at Aving, the unit was presented at a press conference in Korea, leading us to suspect it is another one of those Korea-market-only releases. No information on pricing and availability. And, I am rather surprised there were no encrusted diamonds.

Pentax’s world’s first water-proof & dust-resistant SLR camera [Via: Aving]

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