World's First 2.5 GB Digital Picture

I recall just over four years ago, I was quite excited to hand over four crisp benjamins for a 2-megapixel digital camera. But pixel count has been growing exponentially, and if you think 10 megapixels is excessively large already, think again. Fresh from the Netherlands, is a 2.5 gigapixel digital picture, currently touted as the world's first.

Taken from the top of a 100 feet tall university building in Deft Netherlands, the image was created by merging 600 individual pictures taken by 4 gigapixel cameras. The original picture was 7.5 GB in size and the whole process took 75 minutes to complete. Watch the video after the jump to get the full experience.

2.5 Gigapixel Digital Picture!!! Largest Digital Picture In The – video powered by Metacafe The world's first 2.5 gigapixel digital picture [Via: MobileMag]