Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Now Has 5,000 Applications and Games

As far as milestones go, reaching a certain number of applications in your digital storefront is one of them. And when you reach 5,000, at a pretty breakneck pace no less, that's certainly something for any company to celebrate. As we're sure that the Windows Phone 7 team at Microsoft is doing, with news that the Marketplace is reaching that milestone by the end of the day on Tuesday, with 5,000 applications and games available for purchase.

It was just last month, and three days, that Microosft's Windows Phone 7 Marketplace featured 3,000 applications. The growth of the digital store has continued to skyrocket, and there is talk that the Marketplace will be able to pass Palm's webOS App Catalog by the end of January. A month ago, there were 15,000 developers making apps and games for Windows Phone 7. Now? The number is reportedly 18,000.

Not surprisingly, the biggest jumps in app submissions came in the months of November, and December. As for pricing, WP7AppList has it that the sheer majority of applications available in the Marketplace cost only .99 cents. Almost half that amount are free. There's another faint rise at the $1.99 mark, but so far it seems that the lower price range is working well for the Marketplace. Games are the most readily available, taking up a total of 23% of apps in the Marketplace. Tools are in second place, with a measured 15% exposure.

[via WP7AppList]