Windows 8 upgrade prices dropped by Microsoft

This week Microsoft has been kind enough to share the details included with their Windows 8 update for those users out there who already have one of several Windows software products installed on their devices right now. If a user is running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, they'll be able to upgrade their software with a simple download that'll only cost them $39.99 USD. This upgrade will be available at the same time the full cost software release is dropped.

The official release date for all Windows 8 builds has not yet been revealed, but we've essentially got all the details on every single other aspect of the release since Windows 8 was formally introduced earlier this year at Microsoft's Consumer Preview at Mobile World Congress 2012. A download of this software upgrade will include a special Upgrade Assistant which will also let the user know what changes or boosts need to be implemented ton their computer before the software can be installed successfully.

Each different operating system upgrade will have different abilities in this upgrade, with Windows XP getting the shortest end of the stick, only being able to bring along with them their personal files. Windows Vista users will be able to push their settings as well as personal files over to the new system. Windows 7 Consumer Edition will be able to bring settings, personal files, and applications as well.

Users will be able to head to a Microsoft store (or any of many participating retailers) and get their hands on an install DVD if they'd rather have a solid piece of tech, this disk costing $69.99 from the store as well. You'll have to head to the Microsoft Store (online or to a physical Microsoft Store if you wish) to grab this limited time offer – prices go up for pre-ordering (or eventually ordering once it's out) the operating system after January 31st, 2013.