Wii Overtakes The Xbox 360 In Total Worldwide Sales

It's just a little amusing when you look back at all of the hype surrounding the three next-gen gaming consoles prior to their launch. Within the industry the Wii was regarded as the red-headed stepchild of the console war. However, the tides have turned, and now it holds its head up high as it sells more consoles than the PS3 or even the Xbox 360 worldwide.

Today marks a huge day for the tiny console, as the official count brings its total sales to 10.57 million units worldwide. That's just enough to squeeze by the Xbox 360 in total sales. What is sad is that the 360 had a head start of about a year, and the Wii has already caught up to it.

If Microsoft could just find a way to appeal to the Japanese market they might be able to give the Wii a run for its money. Then again the Wii is only about 2.5 million units behind the 360 in the US market.

Wii Passes Xbox 360 in Worldwide Sales [via kotaku]