Wii Balance Board Navigation Through Google' Streetview

We've already seen hacks of Nintendo's Wii Fit Balance Board – including 3D body control to fly through virtual environments – but if it's sidewalk pounding you're looking for then how about virtually walking through Google Maps?  In this homebrew hack, stepping alternately on the Balance Board platform walks you through Google Maps at whatever pace you move at.

Check out the video demo after the cut

Standing on one foot causes the view to spin round in the direction of whichever side you're balanced on.  The source code – the Balance Board connects via Bluetooth to your computer – is available for download if you want to try it out yourself.

Right now the interface is still pretty clunky, perhaps more because of the way Google Maps Streetview works than anything else, but there's plenty of promise.  I can see plenty of potential as a way of navigating online worlds.

[via Balance Board Blog]