Wicked Lasers S3 Krypton Series is powerful enough to blind satellite sensors

The last time I mentioned Wicked Lasers was back when it was in legal trouble with LucasFilm for making a new laser that looked a lot like a lightsaber. Wicked Lasers is back with another cool laser called the S3 Krypton Series. This laser claims to be the world's brightest handheld laser with a range of 85-miles! That means that the laser is bright enough to be seen outside our atmosphere.

The laser is under review by the Guinness World Records folks to be listed as the world's brightest in the record books. Since the laser has such a bright beam and such a long range, Wicked Lasers offers the disclaimer that users should not aim the laser at an aircraft or at satellites. Wicked says that the laser could interfere with sensors on the satellites. The laser has 1W of power and produces 86 million lux brightness making it appear to be over 8,000 times brighter than looking at the sun.

The laser has five modes of operation and uses an integrated thermopile detector. The sensor detects excess heat and lowers the operating current to keep the laser operating. The body of the laser is made from aluminum to make it last. You can buy the laser right now for $299.99 in 300mW power, but the big 1W laser will cost you nearly a grand. Wicked promises that the laser is legal to own. Check it out in the video below.