Wicked Lasers Evo is open-source and controllable via a smartphone

Wicked Lasers has been offering up all sorts of laser pointers that can be used for performing all sorts of interesting stunts. Some lasers the company makes are incredibly powerful and can be used to melt, pop, and burn all sorts of stuff including iPhones. Wicked Lasers has announced what it claims to be the world's first open source smartphone controllable handheld laser called the Evo.

The company says it doesn't know what people might do with an open-source smartphone controllable laser, and that's the point. It will certainly be interesting to see what geeks can come up with to use the laser. The Evo the laser costs $199.95 and shoots a green laser beam.

The Evo laser has fully variable power selection and four different operating modes. The operating modes include momentary, constant, strobe, and bypass. The laser has a hidden mode called "Woz Mode" that was requested by "the great himself" it's unclear exactly what that mode does. The body of the laser is brushed hardened anodized aircraft grade aluminum.

The laser gets power from a pair of AA batteries. There are several accessories including an expanded lens kit, Bluetooth module, and a firmware programmer. The Smartport used to control the laser from a smartphone is included in the purchase price. The Evo laser is available to purchase now.

SOURCE: Wicked Lasers