Watch your favorite shows via the microwave

Low on counter space but still want some entertainment in your kitchen? Now you can purchase the microwave with a combined TV/DVD player. The TV is shown on the door, instead of seeing your food you see your favorite show. Let's face it you don't actually need to see your popcorn cooking anyway or burning, whichever you are best at.

I personally am great at burning things, it's my specialty. I have this tendency to get bored and leave the room and forget that I was cooking anything till it's about two minutes too late. It doesn't help that my kitchen is about the size of an office cubicle. If my dining room wasn't such a funny shape I would make the kitchen extend into there. By having a microwave/TV to keep me busy I might just occasionally only brown something instead of burn it.

Course then people might try to get me to cook more; on second thought this thing is horrible I don't think I want one anymore. I like it better that it's just accepted that I can't cook.

This microwave was made by Marcel Wander for HE. Apparently Marcel has this thing for animals in his adds, hence the random chicken. The TV is 15" and the microwave is 1200 watts.

Television Microwave Makes More Sense Than Rock Lobsters [via gizmodo]