Bluetrek's Latest ST1 Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are all the rage now and I'm all for it because I hate that mess of wires, or 'spaghetti' as I like to call it. So, I'm excited about all new Bluetooth headphones, but just as I wasn't ready to sport some big ugly earrings with the eye-sore Etymotic ety8, I'm also not sure I'm ready to play cool-doctor-from-the-future with this stethoscope-like Bluetrek ST1.

The ST1 features a slim bendable frame, Bluetooth v1.2 support, and USB connectivity. It can operate up to nine hours on one charge and can supposedly last 400 hours in standby mode. It also has all the play/pause, track direction, and volume controls integrated on to the earpieces for your convenience.

Sure, it has nice black and white styling, but with that big Bluetrek tab on the back, I'm really not sure how its supposed to fit behind my head and still feel comfortable. No word yet on pricing and availability, except that this pair will make a showing at CES and will thereafter head off to Korea.

Bluetrek unveils twistable ST1 Bluetooth headphones [Via: Engadget]