Warner Bros won't let Netflix DVD renters add its flicks to their rental queue for 28 days

Warner Brothers and some of the other major movie studios are making it really hard on people that rent movies via Netflix and other services. The moviemakers are trying to force users to go back to the old days of movie rentals where you went into a store to rent or just bought the movie. The world has moved on, but Hollywood refuses to see that for the most part.

Not too long ago Warner Brothers decided that the key to more revenue was to not allow video rental services like Blockbuster and Netflix to access its films for rentals until 56 days after the videos have been on sale in stores. Apparently, even that wasn't enough to make Warner Bros. feel content with their movie fiefdom.

Warner has now come back and decided that blocking rentals for 56-days isn't enough. The studio will also be blocking Netflix user's from adding the movie to their rental queue for 28 days after the movie goes on sale in stores. Adding the movies to the queue is a way for Netflix users to help ensure the movie comes to them as soon as it is available for rental, it doesn't get the movie before that 56-day douchebag blockade that Warner has already implemented. Warner seems intent on making it hard on people that want to watch the movies it makes for some reason.

[via Venturebeat]