Walkstation - Working just got less exciting

There's no denying that people are spending a lot more time in front of their computers these days. Who can blame them? It seems that there's nothing you can't do with a few mouse clicks. The obvious downside is that most people aren't getting enough exercise. So I wonder, if there were a way to combine computing with exercise, would you do it?

The Walkstation from Steelcase was created with with the intention of making it easier to find time to exercise, namely while you're working. Esentially you would walk at a pace of 1 mph and still manage to get all of your work done.

I'm can certainly say that I wouldn't use one of these. I think it would take too much of my concentration away to try and keep a walking pace all day. I'm sure there will be others that would love the idea, just hope that your boss isn't one of those people!

Walkstation : WorkSpace Treadmill for Computer Geeks [via bornrich]