Vostro Line is No Longer the Only Crapware Free PC's

Wal-Mart will soon be selling the Everex IMPACT GC3502. The box includes the CPU, keyboard, mouse, and speakers. Best part, it only costs $300.

The stats aren't much to get excited about, 1.5Ghz VIA CPU (which means power consumption should be low), 1GB RAM, 80GB HDD, and DVD Burner. Software is limited to Vista Home and Open Office 2.2, pretty much all thats needed, and did I mention no junk software installed?

$300 gets you a computer that you can use yourself for basic use, or send to a loved one who only does basic computing, and you don't have to worry about the pre-installed garbage bringing the PC to a creeping halt. I personally would love to see one of this at Wal-Mart with Ubuntu installed, not only would that be a major step for the open source movement, but if Dell is any indication it could be cause for a slightly cheaper version of the PC and better use of the limited system resources.

New $300 Wal-Mart PC is Bloat-Ware Free [via Gizmodo]