Vodafone drops HTC HD2 from general customer line

The HTC HD2 was one of the handset to launch in the last few months from HTC that was able to generate lots of buzz. The handset landed on Vodafone on November 12 free with certain plans. The future of the HD2 on the Vodafone network seems murky now.

A Vodafone official has stated that the stocks of the HTC HD2 are now depleted and that the handset will not be stocked again for the general consumer. Presumably, that general consumer caveat means that the business user can still get the phone, but that it unclear.

IBTimes reports that a company source told it that the HD2 was removed from the general consumer line because the smartphone was facing software glitches that harmed the user experience. Vodafone competitors O2 and T-Mobile are still selling the HD2. Perhaps Vodafone is just clearing the way for the iPhone a bit.