Verizon’s Careers Twitter Account Hints at Upcoming iPhone, Maybe

Evan Selleck - Nov 16, 2010, 2:16pm CST
Verizon’s Careers Twitter Account Hints at Upcoming iPhone, Maybe

An iPhone on Verizon rumor? It’s about that time again, so here we go. This time, though, it’s not coming from some unknown source somewhere, but instead coming right from Verizon. At least, Verizon’s Careers Twitter account. And, what makes it interesting, or perhaps nothing at all, is the fact that Verizon hasn’t pulled the tweet (yet). It’s still there, ready for anyone to see and start their speculation. Does it mean, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that an iPhone is coming to Verizon? Well, you be the judge.

The person behind the Twitter account was replying to another Twitter user’s question. The question, was if the iPad’s recent release on Verizon, hinted at the iPhone’s launch for the carrier, too. Instead of saying something along the lines of, “Maybe,” or even “We don’t talk about rumors,” the person manning the Twitter account actually went out of their way and said, “Yes, that is the latest scoop.”

We know that Verizon’s upper-management has been kind of evasive on the topic of an iPhone launching on Verizon. We’ve heard everything, from Verizon wanting the iPhone, to that it’s not going to happen at all. Of course, this could all be part of some elaborate game to keep people guessing, until Verizon ultimately launches, or doesn’t launch their own branded iPhone. What’s curious, is that the Twitter account doesn’t actually say that Verizon is getting the iPhone. Instead, the person says “that is the latest scoop.” Are they making some kind of sarcastic comment about how everyone is busy saying Verizon is getting the iPhone? Perhaps. It’s anyone’s guess at this point, but come January, 2011, everyone will be finding out one way or another (unless it’s sooner).

[via Electronista]

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