Verizon toughens up with G’zOne Military-spec phone

Chris Davies - Jun 1, 2007

Blimey, is there anything sexier than a slinky model cavorting in water?  I’m talking of course about Verizon Wireless’ latest oh-so-butch cellphone, the laughably named G’zOne Type-S, which not only has such standard fripperies as Bluetooth and a video-capable camera (albeit VGA resolution) but packs that into a casing that lives up to Military Standards for water resistance, humidity, shock and dust.


Verizon Wireless G'zOne Type-S rugged cellphone - click for full-size 

It’s not all army games and barrack room rough-housing, however; Verizon’s VZ Navigator service turns your handset into a sat-nav, with voice prompts and points-of-interest.  They don’t say whether there’s a specially recorded Sargent Bilko voice to guide you, which would certainly be in keeping with the theme.

Otherly it’s a not-all-that-impressive handset.  The usual text messaging standards are supported, as is instant messaging, and the 1050mAh battery promises 170 hours standby or 203 minutes talk-time. 

It’ll be available from June 2nd for $149.99 after a $50 rebate and assuming you’re willing to sign your cellphone-soul away for two years. 

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Verizon Press Release [via Gadgetell]

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