Verizon Motorola Edge+ update brings Android 11 to a bigger screen

An update to the Motorola Edge+ with Verizon added a collection of features along with Android 11. This is the first time the smartphone will have the full Android 11 experience, right alongside the new "Ready For" software revealed by Verizon this week. With this update, users can "view content on a bigger screen and take full advantage of edge+ and Verizon's 5G network."

The "Ready For" experience with the Motorola Edge+ device requires that you're connected to a separate monitor with a USB-C to USB-C cable or USB-C to HDMI cable. The "Ready For Experience Hub" includes "four key experiences."

TV, Mobile Desktop, Gaming, and Video Chat are included in the Ready For Experience Hub. The TV bit is basically a dashboard for "all your favorite apps and entertainment." You'll be able to use this as a sort of go-anywhere smart TV situation.

The Gaming part of this experience does a lot of the same stuff as the "TV" part, but focuses on Gaming apps. This experience is best experienced with a Bluetooth controller. The Video Chat experience makes use of the back-facing camera on the Motorola phone so you'll get either the 108MP main lens or 16MP ultra-wide lens – neat!

The Mobile Desktop experience works with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse (if you want), for the Motorola Lapdock 100 dream made real, AT LAST. It's not quite a full notebook experience but... it's worth a peek!

If you're looking for this update, just head to settings and software update in your Motorola Edge+ right this minute. If you don't yet have access, try again later! Chances are you'll have access by the time you read this article, as the update's appeared on many users' phones already – cool beans!